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From produktīvs (productive) +‎ -itāte (with produktīvs from produkts (product) +‎ -īvs). Probably not formed as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from other European languages.


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produktivitāte f (5th declension)

  1. productivity (the quality of that which is productive, fruitful)
    darba productivitātework productivity
    ganību produktivitātepasture productivity
    mašīnas produktivitātemachine productivity
    paaugstināt lopkopības produktivitātito increase livestock productivity
    izdevies ievērojami uzlabot no Kanādas un Japānas ievesto vistu produktivitāti; ievērojami palielinājusies vistu dējība un vienlaikus arī katras olas svars(he) was successful in improving significantly the productivity of the chickens imported from Canada and Japan; the chicken egg laying rate and simultaneously also the weight of each egg increased significantly
  2. (artistic, scientific work) productivity (the quality of one who is productive, who creates many works)
    Radošā darba produktivitātecreative work productivity
    kritika un publika atzinīgi novērtē gleznotāja savdabīgo talantu, temperamentu un produktivitātithe critics and the public appreciated the painter's peculiar talent, temperament and productivity
  3. (linguistics) productivity (capacity of being regularly used to form words)
    piedēkļa produktivitātesuffix productivity



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