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From the same stem as produkts (product), made into a second-conjugation verb (ending -et, with k > c via palatalization). Probably not formed as such in Latvian, but borrowed and adapted from other European languages.


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producēt tr., 2nd conj., pres. producēju, producē, producē, past producēju

  1. to produce (to make something come into existence by means of some process)
    1000 iekšdedzes dzinēju dienā producē vairāk nekā 3 tonnas ogļskābās gāzes1000 internal combustion engines produce (every) day more than 3 tons of carbon dioxide
  2. (of bodies, organisms) to produce (to make, to create, to secrete certain organic substances)
    propolisu producē bites no augu sveķainām vielāmbees produce propolis from vegetal resinous substances



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