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From Latin pronatus, past participle of pronare (to bend forward). See prone.



pronate (third-person singular simple present pronates, present participle pronating, simple past and past participle pronated)

  1. (transitive, anatomy) To turn or rotate one’s hand and forearm so that the palm faces down if the forearm is horizontal, back if the arm is pointing down, or forward if the forearm is pointing up; to twist the right forearm counterclockwise or the left forearm clockwise.
  2. (transitive, anatomy) To twist the foot so that if walking the weight would be borne on the inner edge of the foot.
  3. (intransitive, anatomy) To become pronated.


  • (to rotate the forearm in a particular direction): supinate
  • (to become pronated): supinate
  • (to twist the foot in a particular direction): supinate

Derived terms[edit]


pronate (comparative more pronate, superlative most pronate)

  1. Somewhat prone; inclined.
    pronate trees
    Hold the cello bow with the hand in a pronate position over the frog.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Kane to this entry?)

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