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From Latin prostratus.


prostration (plural prostrations)

  1. The act or condition of prostrating (lying flat) oneself, as a sign of humility.
  2. A part of the ordination of Catholic and Orthodox priests.
    The ordination ceremony includes a variety of rituals, rich in meaning and history, e.g., the prostration, laying on of hands, anointing of hands, giving of the chalice and paten, and sign of peace.Diocese of Rochester, NY
  3. Being laid face down (prone).
  4. The condition of being prostrated, as from heat.
  5. A reverential bow performed in Middle Eastern cultures.
Usage notes[edit]
  • Outside of ordination, prostration as a sign of humility has never been part of the Western tradition, but was present in the Middle-Eastern and Asian traditions.
Derived terms[edit]