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Pusnakts (2)


From puse (side, half) +‎ nakts (night).


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pusnakts f (6th declension)

  1. midnight (the middle of the night, when the sun is at its lowest point under the horizon)
    pusnakts stundamidnight hour (= the middle of the night)
    patiesā pusnaktstrue midnight (moment of sun's lowest point)
    vidēja pusnaktsaverage midnight (average moment of sun's lowest point)
    dzīres ievilkās pāri pusnaktijthe feast continued on after midnight
    mēnesi varēja gaidīt tikai ap pusnaktithe moon could be seen only around midnight
    par zemi baltās pusnakts klusums ietover the earth, the white silence of midnight is going (around)
  2. midnight (a moment in time, 24:00 or 00:00)
    vecais pulkstenis sit divpadsmit reižu... tātad: pusnaktsthe old clock hit twelve times... therefore: (it's) midnight
    trešajā naktī Andrejs bija sardzē no pusnakts līdz četriemin the third night, Andrej was the night watch from midnight to four (o'clock a.m.)



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