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Sino-Vietnamese word from 國際, composed of (country) and (between), from Japanese 国際 (kokusai, international), clipped from Chinese 各國交際各国交际 (các quốc giao tế, literally intercourse between countries),[1][2] calqued from English diplomatic intercourse in the Chinese translation of Elements of International Law. 国際 (kokusai) was used to translate "international" sometime in 1897 Meiji Japan. The original Chinese word for "international" was evidently 萬國万国 (vạn quốc, literally myriad countries)[2] as in the Chinese title 萬國公法万国公法 (vạn quốc công pháp, literally The Public Law of a Myriad Countries), or simply 各國各国 (các quốc, literally countries). Another Meiji coinage for "diplomatic intercourse" was Japanese 外国交際 (gaikoku kōsai, ngoại quốc giao tế, literally intercourse with foreign countries), which was clipped into 外交 (gaikō, ngoại giao).



quốc tế

  1. international

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