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quare (comparative quarer, superlative quarest)

  1. (dated, Ireland) queer, strange (suggesting an Irish accent)
    I was after finishing my dinner when there was quare knock on the door.
  2. (Ireland) (used to suggest emphasis such as "a lot of" or "very" (suggesting an Irish accent).)
    He'd brought a quare amount of money with him.



quā (by what) +‎ (about, anent, with reference to), ablative of rēs (thing, matter, topic).



quārē (not comparable)

  1. (interrogative) by what means, how
    1. (relative) by which means, by means of which, whereby
  2. (interrogative) from what cause, on what account, why, wherefore
    • Odi et amo, quare id faciam, fortasse requiris; nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.[1]
      I hate and I love. Why I do this perhaps you ask. I do not know, but I sense that it happens and I am tormented.
    1. (relative) therefore, and so, hence, for this reason, for which reason
      • Inveniuntur enim praeter amnem mirae villae et horti, qui a regibus Franciae in XVI° saeculo structi sunt: quare Liger hodie saepe regale flumen vocatur.[2]
        However, besides rivers/streams are found marvelous estates and gardens, which were constructed by kings of France during the 16th century: which is why the Loire today is often called a royal river.
      • Quare quassato corpore neque frigora neque aestus facile tolerabat.[3]
        Hence, because of his delicate health, he could easily tolerate neither cold nor hot conditions.



  • Catalan: car
  • Esperanto: ĉar
  • Occitan : car
  • Old French: quer
  • Spanish: car