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Etymology 1[edit]




  1. The sound a bird may make, similar to peep, chirp, cheep.
    • 1918, Joseph Grinnell, Harold Child Bryant, Tracy Irwin Storer, The game birds of California
      In flight they often made a close flock calling, queep, queep, queep, queep, queep, . . .
    • 1929, Henry Williamson, The Pathway, Volume 4
      They followed her at a rapid tiny waddle, crying queep-queep-queep.
  2. The sound a machine may make, similar to beep. See pocketa-queep.


queep (third-person singular simple present queeps, present participle queeping, simple past and past participle queeped)

  1. To emit a "queep" sound.
    • 1969 August, Ellison, Harlan, “Along the Scenic Route”, in Adam:
      She started to speak, but the peek queeped, and she studded it on.
    • 2000, Duane, Diane, Intellivore, Simon and Schuster, page 183:
      The computer queeped softly and then said, “Ship's systems ....”
    • 2009, Doctorow, Cory, Makers, Macmillan, page 22:
      “This used to be where the contractors kept their heavy equipment,” Lester rumbled, aiming a car door remote at the door, which queeped and opened.

Etymology 2[edit]

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queep (uncountable)

  1. (military, slang, US) Non-flying duties, typically paperwork, that are undesirable to pilots.
    Why in the hell isn’t there someone else to do all this queep?!
    • 1997 July 28, Kurt Bjorn, “Re: USAF Low Morale Confirmed!!!”, in alt.aviation.safety,rec.aviation.military,alt.disasters.aviation, Usenet[1], message-ID <01bc9b7f$570616e0$0100000a@pyroware.flash.net>:
      It isn't how well you fly, it's who you know and how well you perform your queep ground job.
    • 2001 September 6, Zaprass, “Re: Tiny U.S. planes spy as GIs avoid danger”, in rec.aviation.military, Usenet[2], message-ID <3B9765DD.MD-1.4.4.Zaprass@nospam.com>:
      Still, the above is a true reflection of statistical promotion rates in the context of our current queep-biased system.
    • 2007, Dowty, Jonathan, Christian Fighter Pilot Is Not an Oxymoron, page 20:
      What fighter pilots do is fly, and that they love, they have little love or tolerance for queep, a term for all paperwork and related jobs that keep a pilot out of the cockpit.
    • 2010, Goldstein, David, Sharing Orion, AuthorHouse, page 87:
      Besides, if you're not flying, your whole world is going to consist of nothing but office queep.
    • 2012, Anonymous, “Safety Culture”, in Wingman, page 32:
      The stigma that surrounds a safety office and its staff is often that of naysayers or un-cool nerds. We’re the crushers of fun or sultans of queep in many squadrons, but there's no place for that kind of culture in the safety world.
Usage notes[edit]

Commonly used in the United States Air Force pilot community.

Etymology 3[edit]

Short for "quad-sweep", a rowing boat/event.


queep (uncountable)

  1. A rowing event, with two scullers and two sweepers per shell.