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From Latin quincunx (by five).



quinconce m (plural quinconces)

  1. A quincunx, a group of five items arranged in a square with one in the middle.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Alexandre Dumas, Les Mille et Un Fantômes
      Jardin de curé, avec son quinconce de tilleuls, sa collection de dahlias et de rosiers, ses berceaux de vignes et ses espaliers de pêchers et d'abricotiers: … .
      Garden of the vicar, with its quincunx of lime trees, its collection of dahlias and of roses, its beds of wine ranks and its stairs of peaches and apricots: … .
  2. (by extension) A plantation made at equal distances in a straight row, giving multiple alleys of trees in different directions.
    • 1943, O. Bussard, Cultures légumières
      Les trous sont souvent disposés en quinconce, parfois en carré ou simplement en ligne.
      The holes are often arranged in straight lines, sometimes in a square, or simply aligned.
  3. (by extension) A place planted in this manner.
    Les quinconces de Versailles.
    The quinconces of Versailles.

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