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1685–95, from Latin uncia. Compare inch, ounce, and Latin ūnus (one).



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uncia (plural unciae)

  1. (classical studies) A twelfth part, an ounce, or an inch.
  2. (pharmacy) An ounce.
  3. A bronze coin minted during the Roman Republic, valued at one-twelfth of an as.
  4. (algebra, obsolete) A numerical coefficient in a case of the binomial theorem.



From ūnus.

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uncia f (genitive unciae); first declension

  1. The twelfth part of something; twelfth.
  2. The twelfth part of a pound, ounce.
  3. The twelfth part of a foot, inch.
  4. The twelfth part of a jugerum.
  5. (figuratively) A trifle, bit, atom.


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative uncia unciae
Genitive unciae unciārum
Dative unciae unciīs
Accusative unciam unciās
Ablative unciā unciīs
Vocative uncia unciae

Derived terms[edit]



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