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Middle English quitaunce, Old French quitance, French quittance


quittance (plural quittances)

  1. A release or acquittal.
  2. A discharge from a debt or obligation; a document that shows this discharge.
  3. (obsolete) Recompense; return; repayment.
    • 1594, Christopher Marlowe, Edward II, London: William Jones,[2]
      Qu[een]. Ah Mortimer! now breaks the kings hate forth,
      And he confesseth that he loues me not.
      Mor[timer] iu[nior]. Crie quittance Madam then, & loue not him.
    • c. 1607, William Shakespeare, Timon of Athens, Act I, Scene 1,[3]
      [] Plutus, the god of gold,
      Is but his steward: no meed but he repays
      Sevenfold above itself; no gift to him
      But breeds the giver a return exceeding
      All use of quittance.