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rakstāms (def. rakstāmais; adv. rakstāmi)

  1. which can or should be written; indefinite present passive participle of rakstīt 
  2. (definite forms, used adjectivally) writing (which is intended for writing)
    rakstāmais materiālswriting material
    rakstāmais krītswriting chalk (i.e., for writing on a blackboard)
    rakstāmais papīrs, rakstāmpapīrswriting paper
  3. (definite forms, used independently, as a noun) writing material; something for writing (that which is intended to be used for writing)
    vajadzēja vēl uzrakstīt dažus Jaungada apsveikumus, bet lodīšspalvā rakstāmais bija beidziesit was necessary to write a few more New Year greeting (cards), but the writing (substance) (= ink) in the ballpoint pen had run out


Derived terms[edit]