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Etymology 1[edit]

rebut +‎ -er


rebutter (plural rebutters)

  1. One who drives back or repulses
  2. One who makes a rebuttal.
  3. (law) A rebuttal; the answer of a defendant in matter of fact to a plaintiff's surrejoinder.

Etymology 2[edit]

re- +‎ butter


rebutter (third-person singular simple present rebutters, present participle rebuttering, simple past and past participle rebuttered)

  1. To apply butter to something again.
    • 1996 June, Craig D. Reed, Black Belt Magazine, "'Rumble in the Bronx' Stars Hits the Big Time in America After Years of Success in Asia", page 124:
      He dared to rebutter his bread with the original flavor of his stoicism, the western, but has once again left such films behind to die and has moved on.
    • 1997, Josef Hiršal and Michael Henry Heim, A Bohemian Youth, page 67
      It consisted of a thick white porridge leavened with yeast and eaten together with a boiled potato. It was often served seven days in a row, which meant it was reheated and rebuttered seven times over.
    • 2006, Tango Wayne, Scandinal, page 78:
      'Holy cow!' Johnny absent-mindedly rebuttered a piece of toast. 'And we thought climate-change was bad!'