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re- +‎ construct


  • IPA(key): /ˌɹiːkənˈstɹʌkt/
  • (file)


reconstruct (third-person singular simple present reconstructs, present participle reconstructing, simple past and past participle reconstructed)

  1. To construct again; to restore.
    • 1950 October, “Completion of Flood-Damage Repairs, East Coast Main Line”, in Railway Magazine, page 709:
      As it was necessary to reconstruct the culvert close to the original position, the hazards of tunnelling through clay in an unstable condition, due to the absorption of water, had to be reduced by the application of electro-osmosis to dry out the material.
    • 2020 July 29, Paul Stephen, “A new collaboration centred on New Street”, in Rail, page 54:
      [...] after the original Victorian station was demolished and then entombed in concrete in the 1960s, Birmingham New Street became a byword for the worst excesses of the much-loathed Brutalist architecture so widely used to reconstruct inner-city post-war Britain.
  2. To attempt to understand an event by recreating or talking through the circumstances.

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