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re- +‎ construction


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reconstruction (countable and uncountable, plural reconstructions)

  1. A thing that has been reconstructed or restored to an earlier state.
    • 2021 August 11, “Network News: £26m Sunderland station rebuild”, in RAIL, number 937, page 24:
      Sunderland station has undergone several reconstructions.
  2. The act of restoring something to an earlier state.
    The reconstruction of the medieval bridge began last year.
    • 1944 March and April, “The Western Desert Railway”, in Railway Magazine, page 73:
      By a remarkable piece of railway reconstruction work on the part of the Allied Forces—mainly South African railway construction troops—mines laid along the track by the retreating enemy were removed by sappers, and the German damage made good, within 7 days.
    • 1962 October, Brian Haresnape, “Focus on B.R. passenger stations”, in Modern Railways, page 255:
      A striking example comes to mind, in which a scheme to improve the existing buildings finished up as virtually a complete reconstruction, owing to the unsound condition of the original structure!
  3. A result of an attempt to understand in detail how a certain result or event occurred.
    The detective's reconstruction of what happened that night is dubious.
  4. (linguistics) A result of linguistic reconstruction; a model representing an unattested linguistic unit: a phoneme, a morpheme or a word.
    • 2016, Robert A. Blust, Austronesian Comparative Dictionary[1]:
      It should also be noted that while Dempwolff reconstructed at only one level (Uraustronesisch), many of his reconstructions are confined to languages of western Indonesia


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