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recruit +‎ -ment. French recrutement.


  • IPA(key): /rɪˈkruːt.mənt /


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recruitment (countable and uncountable, plural recruitments)

  1. The process or art of finding candidates for a post in an organization, or recruits for the armed forces.
    • 2019 October, Rhodri Clark, “TfW seeks PRM derogation for Class 37 sets”, in Modern Railways, page 87:
      'The recruitment of 72 new drivers means that we will have the resource to deliver additional services' said the spokesman.
  2. A style or process of recruiting.
    • 2009, January 7, “Pete Thamel”, in Tebow and Bradford: Different Ways to Reach Summit[1]:
      Tebow's and Bradford's production and leadership are undeniable, but their recruitments, offenses and personalities are vastly different.
  3. (biology, ecology) The addition of new recruits to a population.
  4. (physiology) The full aeration of a lung.
  5. (medicine) A physical condition of the inner ear that leads to reduced tolerance of loudness, commonly occurring in those with hearing loss due to cochlear damage.

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