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Alternative forms[edit]


refrein (plural refreins)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of refrain
    • 1845, Shakespeare Society (Great Britain), The Shakespeare Society Papers‎, p. 19:
      The refrein of Spenser's Prothalamion turns upon “the Thames”; of his Epithalamion on “the echoing woods”.
    • 1855, George Musgrave Musgrave, A ramble through Normandy, p. 415:
      While the last words of the War Song, just brought under notice, are yet awakening doubts as to the authenticity of the refrein, or chorus, here alleged to have been shouted forth by the Norman Army, I take occasion to observe that Monsieur Travers must have treated a vague tradition as an historical fact, in imputing to so able a Commander as William of Normandy the folly of setting fire to his fleet.
    • 1935, Charles Burney, Frank Mercer, A General History of Music, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period (1789), p. 601:
      [T]here are frequent returns to particular portions of the airs, more indeed in the manner of a refrein or burden, than Da Capo, or Rondo []



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From French refrain, from Old French refraindre.



refrein n (plural refreinen, diminutive refreintje n)

  1. (music) a refrain, a chorus