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Etymology 1[edit]

From late Old Norse reisa, from Middle Low German reise.


rejse c (singular definite rejsen, plural indefinite rejser)

  1. journey
  2. trip
  3. voyage, passage, crossing
  4. tour, cruise

Etymology 2[edit]

A merger of Old Danish rise, from Old Norse rísa (rise) and Old Danish resæ, from Old Norse reisa (raise). In the sense "go, travel" from Middle Low German reisen.


rejse (imperative rejs, infinitive at rejse, present tense rejser, past tense rejste, perfect tense er/har rejst)

  1. raise
  2. put up, set up, erect, pitch
  3. bring up
  4. stir up, instigate
  5. go
  6. travel
  7. leave, depart

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