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Etymology 1[edit]

From late Old Norse reisa, from Middle Low German reise.


rejse c (singular definite rejsen, plural indefinite rejser)

  1. journey
  2. trip
  3. voyage, passage, crossing
  4. tour, cruise

Etymology 2[edit]

A merger of Old Danish rise, from Old Norse rísa ‎(rise) and Old Danish resæ, from Old Norse reisa ‎(raise). In the sense "go, travel" from Middle Low German reisen.


rejse ‎(imperative rejs, infinitive at rejse, present tense rejser, past tense rejste, perfect tense er/har rejst)

  1. raise
  2. put up, set up, erect, pitch
  3. bring up
  4. stir up, instigate
  5. go
  6. travel
  7. leave, depart

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