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  1. (transitive) to turn over, turn upside down
    renverser le mélange - turn the mixture over
    renverser le sablier - turn over the hourglass
  2. (transitive) to knock over, knock to the ground
    renverser une statue - knock a statue over
    renverser son adversaire - knock one's opponent to the floor
  3. (transitive) To spill (e.g. a liquid)
  4. (transitive, grammar) To invert (change the positions of words in a sentence)
  5. (transitive) to switch over, switch
  6. (transitive) to reverse, turn around (a situation)
  7. (transitive) To overthrow, bring down
  8. (transitive) To knock back, agitate
  9. (reflexive) To lean back
  10. (reflexive) To lay back, lie down
  11. (intransitive, of a tide) to reverse (flow in the opposite direction)


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