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run over

  1. (idiomatic) To exceed the allotted time.
    The previous presentation ran over and ours had to start late.
  2. To cross by running
    The athletes must run over the bridge to reach the finish line.
  3. (idiomatic) To drive over, causing injury or death.
    Can you believe somebody would just run over a cat like that?
  4. (idiomatic) To briefly describe
    Before we start the project, let's just run over who is doing what.
  5. (idiomatic) To practice quickly, briefly.
    You'd better run over your statement before going on the platform.
  6. To overflow
    The bath water nearly ran over.
  7. (rugby) To score a try


Usage notes[edit]

  • The verb and the particle are generally inseparable, even when the object is a pronoun.
    • However in the sense of "to drive over", the pair is usually separated: An old lady in a tiny car ran him over the other day.

Alternative forms[edit]