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From Old French requisicion, from Medieval Latin requisitio. Surface analysis is requisite +‎ -ion or require +‎ -ition in parallel to acquisition.


requisition (countable and uncountable, plural requisitions)

  1. A formal request for something.
    1. A formal demand made by one state or government upon another for the surrender or extradition of a fugitive from justice.
      • 1826, James Kent, Commentaries on American Law
        the surrender of fugitives , by authorizing the Governor , in his discretion , on requisition from a foreign government , to surrender up fugitives charged with murder , forgery , larceny , or other crimes []
    2. (law) A notarial demand for repayment of a debt.
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    3. (military) A demand by the invader upon the people of an invaded country for supplies, as of provision, forage, transportation, etc.
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    4. A formal application by one officer to another for things needed in the public service.
      a requisition for clothing, troops, or money
  2. That which is required by authority; especially, a quota of supplies or necessaries.
  3. A call; an invitation; a summons.
    a requisition for a public meeting

Derived terms[edit]


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requisition (third-person singular simple present requisitions, present participle requisitioning, simple past and past participle requisitioned)

  1. (transitive) To demand something, especially for a military need of staff, supplies, or transport.