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responsor (plural responsors)

  1. (electronics) A receiver used in conjunction with an interrogator to receive and interpret signals from a transponder.
    • 1947, Caldwell-Clements' Tele-Tech - Volume 6, page 64:
      The duplexing circuits are located between the interrogator and the responsor at the common feed point to the antenna transmission line.
    • 1961, Nikolaĭ Grigorʹevich Viduev, Radar in Engineering Explorations, page 31:
      The distance between two points at which radio stations are located is determined: at one point is an interrogator (radar) , at the other a responsor (radio beacon) .
    • 1961, Electronic Engineering - Volume 33, page 415:
      For a secondary radar system, however, two conditions must be satisfied : St > st and Sr > sr where st and sr are the minimum signals which can be detected by the transponder and responsor respectively.
  2. A person who is assigned responsibility for daily care of a person with a chronic illness and for working with the health care professionals.
    • 1978, Anthony R. Kovner, ‎Samuel P. Martin, Community health and medical care, →ISBN, page 158:
      In one sense the role is not new. The lay family member who attends the sick relative is part of a more ancient tradition than the physician or nurse. What is new in the concept of the responsor is contributed by the increasing complexity of modern therapy for chronic illness and the slow development of organized home care as a formal system for the application of such therapy in private homes.
    • 1982, Nancy Burns, Nursing and Cancer, →ISBN, page 12:
      Often persons in the responsor role are limited in performing this role because of their own ailments.
    • 1986, Christine Lisa Mudge, The Social Support of Spouses of Patients on Hemodialysis, page 15:
      Results indicated that the responsors were affected by the illness process.





  1. future infinitive of responsar