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ring +‎ master


ringmaster (plural ringmasters)

  1. The person who manages the performers in a circus ring.
  2. (Internet) The person who maintains a webring.
    • 2002, Feroz Khan, Information Society in Global Age, page 100:
      Individuals looking to add their own homepage to a particular ring are, however, more or less at the mercy of the ringmaster, who often maintains a ring homepage listing its acceptance (or membership) policies and an index of its member sites.
    • 2020, Lisa Levenstein, They Didn't See Us Coming:
      Each of the member websites in a webring had a navigation area at the bottom of the page that had “next” and “previous” buttons directing surfers to other sites in the ring. [] People needed ringmasters because the number of sites aimed at women was exploding.



ringmaster (third-person singular simple present ringmasters, present participle ringmastering, simple past and past participle ringmastered)

  1. To act as ringmaster.
  2. (figurative) To control (a group of people).