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Perfect passive participle of rīdeō (laugh).



rīsus (feminine rīsa, neuter rīsum); first/second-declension participle

  1. laughed at, ridiculed, mocked, having been ridiculed


First/second-declension adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative rīsus rīsa rīsum rīsī rīsae rīsa
Genitive rīsī rīsae rīsī rīsōrum rīsārum rīsōrum
Dative rīsō rīsō rīsīs
Accusative rīsum rīsam rīsum rīsōs rīsās rīsa
Ablative rīsō rīsā rīsō rīsīs
Vocative rīse rīsa rīsum rīsī rīsae rīsa


rīsus m (genitive rīsūs); fourth declension

  1. laughter, laughing
  2. mockery, jest
  3. smile

Usage notes[edit]

  • Often used with "movere" (risum movere) to mean "make [someone] laugh".


Fourth-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative rīsus rīsūs
Genitive rīsūs rīsuum
Dative rīsuī rīsibus
Accusative rīsum rīsūs
Ablative rīsū rīsibus
Vocative rīsus rīsūs

Related terms[edit]


  • Aromanian: arãs
  • French: ris
  • Galician: riso, risa
  • Italian: riso
  • Occitan: ris


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    • to begin to laugh: risum edere, tollere
    • to raise a laugh: risum movere, concitare
    • to make a person laugh: risum elicere (more strongly excutere) alicui
    • to try and raise a laugh: risum captare
    • to be scarcely able to restrain one's laughter: risum tenere vix posse
    • to be scarcely able to restrain one's laughter: risum aegre continere posse
    • to make a thing ridiculous, turn it into a joke: aliquid in risum vertere