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Alternative forms[edit]


root +‎ kit



rootkit (plural rootkits)

  1. (computer security) A set of software tools used by a third party after gaining access to a computer system in order to conceal the altering of files, or processes being executed by the third party without the user's knowledge.


rootkit (third-person singular simple present rootkits, present participle rootkitting, simple past and past participle rootkitted)

  1. (transitive) To infect (a computer system) with a rootkit.
    • 2000, Seth T. Ross, UNIX system security tools
      Given crackers' propensity for "rootkitting" systems — installing altered system binaries to facilitate future access — systematic integrity checks using message digest algorithms or one-way hash functions can be an important detection safeguard.
    • 2006, Ed Skoudis, Tom Liston, Counter hack reloaded
      If not, your system might have been rootkitted.

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