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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English rounder, roundere, equivalent to round +‎ -er (comparative suffix).



  1. comparative form of round: more round

Etymology 2[edit]

From round +‎ -er (agent suffix).


rounder (plural rounders)

  1. A Methodist preacher traveling a circuit, also referred to as a circuit rider.
    • (Can we date this quote by Mike Richards and provide title, author’s full name, and other details?) - "Kentucky Hills of Tennessee"
      My daddy was a rounder, he wore a rounder's hat and coat.
  2. A railroad man who worked at a roundhouse, operating the turntable.
    • 1923, Traditional(Arr. Fiddlin' John Carson), Casey Jones
      Come all you rounders if you want to hear
      A story I'm a-tellin' on a brave engineer
      Casey Jones was this rounder's name
      On a six-eight wheeler boys he won his fame...
  3. A person who earns a living by playing cards
  4. A person who makes the rounds of bars, saloons, and similar establishments; figuratively, a debaucher or roué
  5. One who rounds; one who comes about frequently or regularly.
    • 1683, Arthur T. Pringle [editor], Diary and consultation book of the Agent, Governor and Council of Fort St George
      [] itt is order'd that 18 Souldiers, 1 Corporall & 1 Rounder goe upon the Sloop []
  6. A tool for making an edge or surface round.
  7. (in combination) A fight lasting a specified number of rounds.
    • 2001, Lindy Lindell, Metro Detroit Boxing (page 97)
      Butterbean has been appearing on legitimate boxing cards for years and has, with Dore's astute maneuvering, made a million bucks boxing in four-rounders over the years.
  8. (Canada, US, informal, in combination) A sports league draft selection in a specified round or the player drafted with that selection.
    • 2015 February 24, Stephen Burch, “Analyzing the value of NHL draft picks”, in Sportsnet[1]:
      It becomes quite apparent that not all first rounders are created equal. A sixth-overall pick is approximately twice as valuable as a 30th-overall selection, which would be important for NHL front offices and outside observers to keep in mind when they casually discuss the idea of trading pending UFA rental players at the cost of a first-rounder.