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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English rounder, roundere, equivalent to round +‎ -er (comparative suffix).



  1. comparative form of round: more round

Etymology 2[edit]

From round +‎ -er (agent suffix).


rounder (plural rounders)

  1. A Methodist preacher traveling a circuit, also referred to as a circuit rider.
    •  Mike Richards - "Kentucky Hills of Tennessee"
      My daddy was a rounder, he wore a rounder's hat and coat.
  2. A railroad man who worked at a roundhouse, operating the turntable.
    • 1923, Traditional(Arr. Fiddlin' John Carson), Casey Jones
      Come all you rounders if you want to hear
      A story I'm a-tellin' on a brave engineer
      Casey Jones was this rounder's name
      On a six-eight wheeler boys he won his fame...
  3. A person who earns a living by playing cards
  4. A person who makes the rounds of bars, saloons, and similar establishments; figuratively, a debaucher or roué
  5. One who rounds; one who comes about frequently or regularly.
  6. A tool for making an edge or surface round.
  7. (in combination) A fight lasting a specified number of rounds.
    • 2001, Lindy Lindell, Metro Detroit Boxing (page 97)
      Butterbean has been appearing on legitimate boxing cards for years and has, with Dore's astute maneuvering, made a million bucks boxing in four-rounders over the years.