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Scottish Gaelic[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Irish séitid (compare Welsh chwythu(to blow)).


sèid m ‎(genitive singular sèid, plural sèidean)

  1. blowing, puff


sèid ‎(past shèid, future sèididh, verbal noun sèideadh, past participle sèidte)

  1. blow, breathe in, breathe out
    sèid suas a' phìob‎ ― play the pipes (literally "blow the pipes")
  2. bloat, inflate
  3. swell, puff up
  4. pant, puff
  5. (dated) instigate
    Is tusa a tha 'ga shèideach.‎ ― It is you that instigates him