saldais pipars

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Saldais pipars (1)
Saldie pipari (2)


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saldais pipars m (1st declension)

  1. sweet pepper, bell pepper (non-spicy type of pepper, esp. Capsicum annuum)
    saldie pipari ir vitamīnaugs, kam ir liela nozīme uzturā‎ ― sweet peppers are a plant (rich in) vitamins which plays an important role in (our) diet
  2. (only plural) sweet pepper (the green, yellow or red fruits of this plant, eaten as vegetables)
    skābējot gurķus, ieteicams pievienot saldos piparus, jo tie ir bagāti ar vitamīniem‎ ― (when) pickling cucumbers, it is advisable to add sweet peppers, because they are rich in (lit. with) vitamins