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say no more

  1. (idiomatic, often humorous) What has already been said conveys all the meaning and information needed to draw a conclusion concerning a matter which it would be imprudent to discuss further.
    • 2004 March 1, Sora Song, "Fake an Orgasm, Fend Off a Rabbit," Time (retrieved 19 Sep 2015):
      Last week the Brits appropriated a couple of all-American icons—persnickety Sally Albright and her friend Harry Burns—when the stage play of Rob Reiner's 1989 classic When Harry Met Sally opened in London's West End. . . . Next spring Americans will get their return when the musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail debuts on Broadway. The show will be called Spamalot. Say no more.
    • 2013 May 8, "Most controversial music videos," Independent (UK) (retrieved 19 Sep 2015):
      Nas walked through the garden of Gethsemane in his 1999 music video. Other scenes featured the rapper being crucified on the cross. Say no more.
    • 2015 May 27, "Jonathan Franzen Talks Up, and Around, His New Novel," New York Times (retrieved 19 Sep 2015):
      Those who left early missed a highlight of the event, a self-described "rising sophomore at the University of Connecticut" telling Franzen that The Corrections was the basis for her project on the "depressed male protagonist in post-9/11 literature."
      "Say no more," answered a surprised, but amused Franzen.

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