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Schoolgirls in Delhi, India


school +‎ girl


schoolgirl (plural schoolgirls)

  1. A girl attending school.
    • 1975, John Greaves, Dickens at Doughty Street (page 33)
      That he married the wrong sister (as is sometimes suggested) is scarcely a feasible explanation, for Mary was hardly more than a schoolgirl when Dickens first came into the Hogarth family.
    • 2006, Porter Shreve, Drives Like a Dream
      Jessica expected to find her mother in her office, talking to Norm. Lydia had been on the phone a lot lately, off whispering in a corner, like a schoolgirl with a secret crush.


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schoolgirl (third-person singular simple present schoolgirls, present participle schoolgirling, simple past and past participle schoolgirled)

  1. (transitive, wrestling, rare) To restrain in a schoolgirl pin.
    • 2004, Wrestling Observer Newsletter (page 57)
      Victoria & Nidia beat Stratus & Kim in 3:45 when Victoria schoolgirled Kim.
    • 2017, James Dixon, ‎Arnold Furious, ‎Bob Dahlstrom, The Raw Files: 2001 (page 121)
      She tags herself in only to get schoolgirled for the pin.