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WACA Scoreboard


score +‎ board


scoreboard (plural scoreboards)

  1. A large board that displays the score in a game or contest.
  2. (cricket) A similar board that also displays each batsman's score, and many statistics and pieces of information.
  3. (by extension) A listing of various similar entities along with their [[property}properties]], such as status or rank.
    • 2010, Edwin M. Truman, Sovereign Wealth Funds: Threat Or Salvation?, →ISBN, page 8:
      As a result of the Santiago Principles and other parallel efforts at education such as the SWF scoreboad that I have featured in my research, a substantial amount of distrust surrounding SWFs has been defused.
    • 2012, Kyle Rankin, DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practices, →ISBN:
      If you are curious about what each of those processes were doing last, just scroll down the page to the table and find the process of the correct number in the scoreboard.