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From Proto-Indo-European *seg- (to attach, to touch). Compare Proto-Germanic *sankilaz (lace, tie) and Sanskrit सजति (sájati, to cling to).



seges f (genitive segetis); third declension

  1. a cornfield
  2. (by extension) the standing corn, growing corn, crop
  3. (by extension) a field, ground, soil; arable land
  4. (figuratively) a crop, fruit, produce, result, profit
  5. (figuratively) a thicket, forest, multitude


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative seges segetēs
genitive segetis segetum
dative segetī segetibus
accusative segetem segetēs
ablative segete segetibus
vocative seges segetēs


Derived terms[edit]


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