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Ultimately from sekss (sex) +‎ -āls. Probably not formed in Latvian, but borrowed as such from some other European language (e.g., Latin sexualis).


seksuāls (definite seksuālais, comparative seksuālāks, superlative visseksuālākais, adverb seksuāli)

  1. sexual (relating to sex, to one's sex life)
    seksuālā baudasexual pleasure, delight
    seksuālā aktivitātesexual activity
    seksuālās fantāzijassexual fantasies
    seksuālā orientācijasexual orientation
    seksuālie instinktisexual instincts
    seksuāls kompleksssexual complex
    seksuālā novirzesexual deviation, perversion
    psihoterapija ir viena no galvenajām metodēm seksuālo traucējumu ārstēšanāpsychotherapy is one of the main methods in the treatment of sexual disorders
  2. sexual (relating to sex and reproduction)
    augu pasaules pārstāvji pieder pie dažādiem seksuālajiem tipiemthe members of the plant world belong to different sexual types
  3. (colloquial) sexy (suggestive; causing sexual desire; attractive, desirable (also non-sexually))
    seksuāls vīrietissexy man
    seksuāla sievietesexy woman
    kurš ir seksuālākais auto pasaulē?which is the sexiest car in the world?



Derived terms[edit]