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Sekss (2)


Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Latin sexus(sex, gender).


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sekss m (1st declension)

  1. sex, gender (the two groups in which most living beings can be divided, according to their role in the reproductive process)
    sieviešu sekss‎ ― the female sex
  2. (usually singular) sex (sexual intercourse, sexual activity)
    seksa fiziskās izpausmes‎ ― physical manifestations of sex
    seksa horoskops‎ ― sex horoscope
    cik bieži latviešu sievietēm ir sekss?‎ ― how often do Latvian women have sex?
    sekss kļuvis par izpētes, ārstēšanas priekšmetu‎ ― sex has become an object of research and (medical) treatment


Usage notes[edit]

The use of sekss to mean "biological group" apparently is (or is becoming) dated; dzimums is more often found in this sense.


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