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Etymology 1[edit]

See 'sheart.



  1. (obsolete) Alternative spelling of 'sheart.
    • c. 1596, Sir Thomas More, Act III, Scene ii, l. 276:
      Shart, if my haire stand not an end...

Etymology 2[edit]

Blend of shit +‎ fart.


shart (third-person singular simple present sharts, present participle sharting, simple past and past participle sharted)

  1. (informal, vulgar) To unintentionally defecate due to relaxing the anus to flatulate.
    • 2010, Gillian Telling, Dirty Girls:
      This same friend called me a few years ago to tell me that she had sharted—when you fart and a little fudge comes out—in a cab on her way home.
    • 2013, Jen Lancaster, The Tao of Martha:
      [] My hubris is about to shart itself at the craft store to the tune of 'Yakety Yak' while I am buying glitter paint.”
    • 2015, Michael Riddell, Same Dog, Different Shite:
      To make matters much worse, the shadow looked like the spider was flying, and this sent him right off. Daniel sharted.
Derived terms[edit]


shart (plural sharts)

  1. (colloquial, vulgar) An instance of sharting.
    • 2010, Carrie Peterman, A Logger's Nightmare: Accident Forever Changes Family:
      The definition: Not a fart, not a ***, it is a wet fart, a shart.
      (uncountable) Excrement from sharting