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From Middle English scherynge; equivalent to shear +‎ -ing.


shearing (not comparable)

  1. Tending to cut or tear.



  1. present participle of shear


shearing (countable and uncountable, plural shearings)

  1. The act or operation of clipping with shears or a shearing machine, as the wool from sheep, or the nap from cloth.
  2. The material cut off in this way.
    the whole shearing of a flock; the shearings from cloth
  3. Deformation by forces acting in opposite directions.
  4. Alternative form of shearling.
    • 1864, William Youatt, The Complete Grazier and Farmer's and Cattle-Breeder's
      When male sheep have been castrated , they are termed — from the period of weaning to that of shearing — wether , or wedder or shear hogs or tegs, then shearings , shearlings , dinmonts , & c .
  5. (Scotland) The act or operation of reaping.
  6. The act or operation of dividing with shears.
    the shearing of metal plates
  7. The process of preparing shear steel; tilting.
  8. (mining) The process of making a vertical side cutting in working into a face of coal.

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(See the entry for shearing in
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913)