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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English schip-wracke, from Old English scipwræc (jetsam), equivalent to ship +‎ wrack. Cognate with Scots schip-wrak (to shipwreck, verb), Swedish skeppsvrak (shipwreck). Modern spelling is due to influence from wreck.



shipwreck (countable and uncountable, plural shipwrecks)

  1. A ship that has sunk or run aground so that it is no longer seaworthy.
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  2. An event where a ship sinks or runs aground.
  3. (figuratively) destruction; ruin; irretrievable loss
    • Bible, 1 Timothy 1. 19
      Holding faith and a good conscience, which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck.
    • J. Morley
      It was upon an Indian bill that the late ministry had made shipwreck.


Derived terms[edit]


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shipwreck (third-person singular simple present shipwrecks, present participle shipwrecking, simple past and past participle shipwrecked)

  1. To wreck a boat through a collision or mishap.


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