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From sin +‎ -y; or perhaps continuing Middle English synny, from Old English synniġ (guilty, punishable, criminal; sinful). Compare Dutch zondig (sinful), German sündig (sinful), Swedish syndig (sinful), Icelandic syndugur (sinful).



sinny (comparative sinnier or more sinny, superlative sinniest or most sinny)

  1. (informal, humorous, rare) Characterised by or characteristic of sin; sinful; guilty of sin; wicked.
    • 1909, Wallace Irwin, Letters of a Japanese schoolboy ("Hashimura Togo"):
      [...] kick against Olive Oil Trust, they almost went to jail for their crimes, so they hurry around to Judge Landis face and was comforted to know that taking rebates from Harriman was sinnier than taking silverware from a Soldiers' Home.
    • 1974, Gerald G. Griffin, The silent misery: why marriages fail:
      "That was a sinny-sin-sin! [...]
    • 2007, D. B. Clark, The Curse of Humorous Verse:
      So, should I return to that childhood state When my life was not very sinny? No, I lived a Catholic hell back then, Where living was devoid of the fun kind of sin, And though I'll be sent to the all-faith Hell, In the mean time, [...]
    • 2009, Kate Clinton, I Told You So:
      I confess to quickly scanning the papal list, looking for the sin of homosexuality. It was not there! Maybe it is understood. It was like being dropped from the big annual Papal Magazine "Sinniest Sins Alive" special double issue.
    • 2010, Washington Weaver, The Alliterating Philosopher: Philosophy Can Be Phun:
      [...] of all of the sins that are drummed into the brains of the Uptight Sin-filled Abstainers, the sin of oral sex may be the sinniest (a wonderful new word).
    • 2011, Ann Palmer, Ann of 1,000 Lives: Author Ann Palmer Relives Her Own Past Lives:
      Still and tall he stands with such grace for such a man as he. I love his collar and his hair – a lion and his mane, did I dare tell – sinny, sinny, sin, sin, sin, sin, sin, sin,” (this was a peppy song in my head).
    • 2012, Anthony Burgess, ‎Andrew Biswell, A Clockwork Orange (Restored Text) - Page xviii:
      Our starry droog Kubrick the sinny veck has, my brothers, like brought forth from his like bounty and all that cal this kniggiwig, which is like all real horrorshow lomticks from his Great Masterpiece which would make any fine upstanding young malchick smeck from his yarbles and keeshkas.