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From Middle English sinful, synful, senful, sunful, from Old English synnful ‎(sinful, guilty, wicked, corrupt), equivalent to sin +‎ -ful. Cognate with Dutch zondevol ‎(sinful), German sündevoll ‎(sinful), Danish syndefuld ‎(sinful), Swedish syndfull ‎(sinful), Icelandic syndfullur ‎(sinful).



sinful ‎(comparative more sinful, superlative most sinful)

  1. Full of sin; wicked; iniquitous; unholy.
  2. Containing or consisting in sin; contrary to the will of a god, goddess, gods and/or goddesses.
  3. Of or relating to sin; sinny.
  4. Morally wrong.
  5. Evil.


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