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From skolot (to instruct) +‎ -ājs. This word was first attested in the 19th century, at first co-existing with other expressions like skolmeistars, mācītājs, and even skolnieks, which some authors originally used to mean “schoolteacher.” By the beginning of the 20th century, skolotājs had become the usual term for this meaning.[1]


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skolotājs m (1st declension, feminine form: skolotāja)

  1. (male) teacher (man who teaches schoolchildren at a school)
    stingrs, prasīgs skolotājsstrict, demanding teacher
    vidusskolas skolotājssecondary school teacher
    mūzikas skolas skolotājsmusic school teacher
    matemātikas, vēstures skolotājsmathematics, history teacher
    skolotāju istabateachers' room
  2. (male) teacher (outstanding specialist, e.g., in an area of arts or sciences) from whom people learn, who has many followers, successors in his work)
    šo studiju beigušie aktieri veidojušies un izauguši Eduarda Smilga tiešā un dziļā ietekmē un arī šodien mākslā nav aizmirsuši skolotāja principusthe actors graduating from this course have emerged and grown in the art under the direct and deep influence of Eduards Smilgs, and even today in (their) art they have not forgotten (their) teacher's principles




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