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slope +‎ -er


sloper (plural slopers)

  1. (informal) Something which angles or slopes, as distinguished from one that is verticle or horizontal.
    • 1897, American Gas Light Journal - Volume 66, page 861:
      If one saw only the Rheims benches, one would scarcely prefer the slopers to horizontal retorts with good stoking machinery ; as for instance the Ross stoker at the Cincinnati gas works.
    • 2007, Mark J. Wilson, The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs, →ISBN, page 7-1:
      Yeah, that new pair of half-slopers really works — a lot better than the old inverted-V they're made from, ha ha!
  2. A climbing hold that has a smooth surface and sloping shape, making it difficult to hold.
  3. (textiles) A custom-fitted basic pattern from which patterns for many different styles can be created.
  4. (textiles, obsolete) An assistant or apprentice cutter.
    • 1914, Nahum Isaac Stone & Royal Meeker, Wages and Regularity of Employment and Standardization of Piece Rates in the Dress and Waist Industry: New York City, page 145:
      The wages of slopers, so far as they have been found designated as such on the pay rolls, are given in Table 63.
  5. (obsolete) A member of the peerage who has fallen from wealth but maintains social contacts.
    • 18??, Charles Dickens, Mr. Out-You-Go:
      In this work he displayed an energy and courage that not only disgusted the slopers, but likewise astonished the police authorities.