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slope +‎ -er


sloper (plural slopers)

  1. (informal) Something which angles or slopes, as distinguished from one that is verticle or horizontal.
    • 1897, American Gas Light Journal - Volume 66, page 861:
      If one saw only the Rheims benches, one would scarcely prefer the slopers to horizontal retorts with good stoking machinery ; as for instance the Ross stoker at the Cincinnati gas works.
    • 2007, Mark J. Wilson, The ARRL Operating Manual for Radio Amateurs, ISBN 0872591093, page 7-1:
      Yeah, that new pair of half-slopers really works — a lot better than the old inverted-V they're made from, ha ha!
  2. A climbing hold that has a smooth surface and sloping shape, making it difficult to hold.
  3. (textiles) A custom-fitted basic pattern from which patterns for many different styles can be created.
  4. (textiles, obsolete) An assistant or apprentice cutter.
    • 1914, Nahum Isaac Stone & ‎Royal Meeker, Wages and Regularity of Employment and Standardization of Piece Rates in the Dress and Waist Industry: New York City, page 145:
      The wages of slopers, so far as they have been found designated as such on the pay rolls, are given in Table 63.
  5. (obsolete) Members of the peerage who have fallen from wealth but maintain social contacts.
    • Charles Dickens
      In this work he displayed an energy and courage that not only disgusted the slopers, but likewise astonished the police authorities.