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From smart +‎ watch. Compare smartphone.


smartwatch (plural smartwatches)

  1. A wristwatch with electronic functionality beyond timekeeping. (Can we add an example for this sense?)
  2. A mobile device worn on the wrist with a touchscreen display.
    Hypernyms: mobile device, wearable
    Coordinate term: smart band
    • 1991 March 22, Brad Templeton, “How will the police react to secure communications?”, in[1] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
      Before too long, secure public key cryptosystems will make routine personal communications 100% secure. You'll use E-mail and digital voice, but since it's easy, you'll use security all the time. Your key will probably be stored in a smartcard or smartwatch that you carry with you. ... Will they have to do lightning raids on people they suspect to grab their computers while they are still on with the keys in ram? Rip your smartwatch off your wrist to get your code?
    • 1997 August 20, Stewart Taggart, “Swatch Tests Smart-Watch Uses”, in Wired[2], archived from the original on 2 September 2000:
      In Sydney, Australia, test trials are under way of a "smart watch" that can one day reduce the need for wallets and purses. ... Barnes stressed the trial with CTA is one of a number Swatch is undertaking with different suppliers to better adapt smart watches to local conditions and learn their potential.
    • 1997 October 29, Joop Kaashoek, “Re: more on the Newton future...”, in comp.sys.newton.misc[3] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
      I certainly hope Newton is not going to die, it is far superior to Windows CE. In fact I hope Apple will license the OS to all the makers of smartphones, smart cars, smart watches, smart ovens, etc.
    • 2003 June 2, Tony Smith, “Fossil puts back Palm Wrist PDA launch to 2004”, in The Register[4], retrieved 2013-10-23:
      Smartwatch buffs eagerly awaiting the arrival later this month of their Palm OS-based Fossil Wrist PDA are going to be disappointed.
    • 2012 April 13, Bill Ray, “It's all in the wrist: E-ink smartwatch Pebble bags $2m”, in The Register[5], retrieved 2013-10-23:
      It's all in the wrist: E-ink smartwatch Pebble bags $2m


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smartwatch m (plural smartwatchs)

  1. smartwatch