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From snot +‎ -y.


snotty (comparative snottier, superlative snottiest)

  1. Running or dirtied with snot.
  2. Resembling or characteristic of snot, especially in texture.
    • 2007, Tom Carroll, The Confession of Mason Young (page 69)
      Greasy hamburgers or snotty eggs? How about some of those fine pancakes that needed a steak knife to hack through?
  3. (informal) Ill-tempered or impertinent in an arrogant, conceited manner.
    • 2016, Meg O'Brien, A Bright Flamingo Shroud
      Becky had been trying to move out of the society pages and into stories of more substance in recent months, a major shift for her. When I worked for the Herald, she was kind of a mincy, snotty little thing who dressed in heels and blouses []



snotty (plural snotties)

  1. (Australia, slang) The lion's mane jellyfish, which secretes a mucus that can foul fishing nets.