snuggle bunny

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Alternative forms[edit]


snuggle bunny (plural snuggle bunnies)

  1. (US, idiomatic) A romantic partner, child, pet, stuffed animal, etc. which is an object of affection and which provides comfort through physical contact.
    • 2000 Aug. 2, "Snuggle Bunny," Southeast Missourian, p. 8B (retrieved 12 Sep. 2011):
      Howie is a 3-month-old brown rabbit that is available for adoption at the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri, 2536 Bountin Dr. Howie is housebroken, affectionate, calm and makes a great snuggle bunny.
    • 2003, Stephen King, Wizard and Glass: The Dark Tower IV, →ISBN, p. 181:
      “He ain't throwing us over for some little snuggle-bunny with pimples on her tits.”
    • 2006, Ida Nelle Daily Hollaway, Lydia's Life, →ISBN, p. 273:
      “With Matthew going to be six in January and Leah three in June, I think it will feel good to have a snuggle bunny around again.”
    • 2009, Robert K. Tanenbaum, Capture, →ISBN, p. 172:
      “How is my little Murry Wurry snuggle bunny, by the way?” . . .
      “[T]he last time I spoke with him, he was missing you.”
      “Aaawww, I miss him too,” Stupenagel cooed. “He's going to be one worn-out lover boy after I get home.”