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A person expresses his opinion.

Alternative forms[edit]


soap +‎ box



soapbox (plural soapboxes)

  1. (literally) A crate for packing soap.
  2. (figurative) Any physical or media platform which gives prominence to the person on it and the views they espouse.
    The madman obtained a soapbox which he stood on at the corner of Broadway and Wall street, to shout out his prophesy of the end of the world.
    • 2013, Robert F. Ely, Candidate for President →ISBN, page 25
      Bernhard's last appearance on a late-night talk show was a handy soapbox to expound on his political message of patriotism, nationalism, and populism.
  3. (figurative) A talk about one's pet topic (or the topic itself), especially when only tangentially relevant to an ongoing discussion.
    He's been on his soapbox all day about the new football coach.
  4. A soapbox car.



soapbox (third-person singular simple present soapboxes, present participle soapboxing, simple past and past participle soapboxed)

  1. To give a speech from (or as if from) a soapbox.