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Alternative forms[edit]


sook +‎ -y


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sooky (comparative sookier or more sooky, superlative sookiest or most sooky)

  1. (Australia, Newfoundland, New Zealand, slang) Complaining, whingeing, sad; jealous.
    • 2006, Lynda Staker, The Complete Guide to the Care of Macropods, page 189,
      Kangaroos on the other hand become even more sooky (needy for attention), when denied time outside.
  2. (Australia, Newfoundland, New Zealand, slang) Sentimental, sissy; timid.
    • 1978, J. Ferguson, Seven Cities of Australia, page 48,
      Sentimentalists and political quacks have devoted much time to convincing the sookier twentieth century that nineteenth century New World penitentiaries were choked with near-blameless stealers of one teaspoon, one handkerchief, one loaf of bread.
    • 1999, Peter Moore, The Wrong Way Home, page 138,
      Judging by the subject matter, Turkish soldiers are the sookiest, purse-carryingest, most sentimental nancy boys ever to put on military uniforms.
    • 2009, Evan McHugh. Birdsville, 2011, ReadHowYouWant, page 139,
      Our trepidation at being savaged by a vicious pig dog was soon allayed, however. He turned out to be the sookiest dog on earth. All he wanted in life was a pet or a cuddle, preferably both.


sooky (plural sookies)

  1. A sook, a crybaby.