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From Proto-Finnic *sormi, From Proto-Finno-Ugric *sorme. Cognates include Estonian sõrm, Northern Sami suorbma and Mordvin sur.


  • Hyphenation: sor‧mi
  • IPA(key): /ˈsormi/



  1. (anatomy) A finger (one of the five extremities of the hand).
    Ihmiskädessä on viisi sormea: peukalo, etusormi, keskisormi, nimetön ja pikkusormi.
    The human hand has five fingers: the thumb, the forefinger, the middle finger, the ring finger and the little finger.
  2. A finger (extremity of an animal's forelimb, which resembles human finger).
  3. A finger (any object which resembles a finger, such as a part of a mechanical device).


Inflection of sormi (Kotus type 7/ovi, no gradation)
nominative sormi sormet
genitive sormen sormien
partitive sormea sormia
illative sormeen sormiin
singular plural
nominative sormi sormet
accusative nom. sormi sormet
gen. sormen
genitive sormen sormien
partitive sormea sormia
inessive sormessa sormissa
elative sormesta sormista
illative sormeen sormiin
adessive sormella sormilla
ablative sormelta sormilta
allative sormelle sormille
essive sormena sormina
translative sormeksi sormiksi
instructive sormin
abessive sormetta sormitta
comitative sormineen

Derived terms[edit]