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Latin sororicida (one who kills his sister), from soror (sister). Equivalent to +‎ -cide.


sororicide (plural sororicides)

  1. The killing of one's sister.
    • 2014, Albert Lee Strickland, “Familicide”, in Michael John Brennan, editor, The A–Z of Death and Dying: Social, Medical, and Cultural Aspects, Santa Barbara, Calif.: Greenwood Publishing Group, ISBN 978-1-4408-0344-4, pages 205–206:
      Terms related to familicide include filicide (the killing of one's child or children), uxoricide (the killing of one's wife), fratricide or sororicide (the killing of one's brother or sister), avunculicide (the killing of one's uncle), and nepoticide (the killing of one's nephew).
  2. A person who kills his or her sister.

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