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From Middle French parricide, from Latin parricīda and parricīdium, of uncertain origin, perhaps from pār (equal). Equivalent to pari- +‎ -cide.



parricide (countable and uncountable, plural parricides)

  1. Someone who kills a relative, especially a parent.
    • 1605, William Shakespeare, King Lear II.i:
      I told him the reuenging Gods, / ’Gainst Paricides did all the thunder bend []
  2. Someone who commits treason.
  3. The killing of a relative, especially a parent.
    • 1856, Mrs. William Busk, Mediæval Popes, Emperors, Kings, and Crusaders: Or, Germany, Italy and Palestine, from A.D. 1125 to A.D. 1268[1], volume IV, London: Hookham and Sons, OCLC 2480341, page 294:
      The new accusation brought by Urban against Manfred of murdering his sister-in-law's embassador – it may be observed that, tacitly, he acquits him of parricide, fratricide, and nepoticide – requires a little explanation.
    • 1861 July 27, The Athenæum: Journal of English and Foreign Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts, number 1761, London, page 116, column 1:
      The production of Schiller’s ‘Don Carlos’ was long forbidden, because Don Carlos loved his stepmother; in ‘The Robbers,’ the Father was turned into an uncle, and a stupendous effect was produced by the cry of “Unclecide,” substituted for Parricide.
  4. The killing of a ruler, or other authority figure; treason.




Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle French parricide, from Latin parricīda (a kin murderer).


parricide m (plural parricides)

  1. parricide (someone who kills a relative, especially a parent)

Etymology 2[edit]

From Middle French parricide, from Latin parricīdium (murder of a relative).


parricide m (plural parricides)

  1. parricide, murder of one's close relative

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  • IPA(key): /par.riˈt͡ʃ
  • Rhymes: -ide
  • Hyphenation: par‧ri‧cì‧de


parricide f

  1. plural of parricida


Middle French[edit]


parricide m (plural parricides)

  1. parricide (killing of one's own father)
    • 1595, Michel de Montaigne, Essais, book II, chapter 5:
      [] par ce que ces oysillons ne cessoient de l'accuser faucement du meurtre de son pere. Ce parricide jusques lors avoit esté occulte et inconnu
      [] because these baby birds wouldn't stop falsely accusing him of the murder of his father. This parricide until now had been unknown


  • English: parricide
  • French: parricide