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spärr c

  1. stop, catch, block, blockade, ban, limit, bar, lock (something stopping or hindering)
  2. gate, entrance (requiring a ticket or entrance fee)
    Stengolvet spricker när en ung kille hoppar över spärrarna och perrongen är full av sopor.
    The stone floor cracks as a young fellow jumps over the gate and the platform is full of garbage. (Stockholm subway interior)
  3. ratchet or similar mechanism
  4. (politics) the minimal percentage of votes for getting seats in parliament
  5. embargo or blockade (in particular Sweden during World War II, blocking Swedish ports from international waters)
    Han hade seglat utanför spärren under hela kriget.
    Throughout the war, he had sailed on ships on international waters, outside of the embargo line.


Declension of spärr 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative spärr spärren spärrar spärrarna
Genitive spärrs spärrens spärrars spärrarnas

Derived terms[edit]



spärr f

  1. exertion, effort
    Hä var just i spärra
    It was just at the crucial moment.

Related terms[edit]